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We have several massages and therapies during our retreats and generally at Martinheiras for our guests. Please see below for more information. Please book in advance with us to ensure the availability of the therapist.



Vania gives an amazing massage using warm oils. This massage touches on all the points that have tightness in the body and releases and relaxes the muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated.  She uses s a medium pressure to relax your body with long and short strokes. She works evenly throughout the entire body leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed. Through moving the muscles in this way, balance and flow in the body is achieved. We love this massage, its one of our favourites and we highly recommend it.

This massage is given on naked skin with warm oil.

A session lasts 1 hour

Energy Exchange 50€ 


Using oils to massage your back this is Monte Martinheiras's ultimate massage! Vania focuses only on the back and neck in this massage using a variety of techniques to release even the most worn out and tired body. Tried and tested b y us we can honestly say that this is the best way to really feel alive again!

A session lasts 30 mins.

Energy Exchange: 25€  


This 30 minute relaxing foot massage is the perfect way to relax. Vania uses warm oil and pressure to reach those spots in the foot connected to the body to make you feel relaxed and revitalised.  She uses s a medium pressure to relax your body with long and short strokes. She works evenly throughout the foot leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed. 

This massage is given on naked skin with warm oil.

A session lasts 30 mins 

Energy Exchange 25€ 















Évi has been working with different massage therapies since 2003 and enjoys the subtle connection that can happen between two people through the physical touch. she believes that our body is a vehicle that allows us to recognise who we are and as such deserves good care. 


This very subtle technique is based on the latest scientific researches that show the importance of the fascias and the different body rhythms in our general health condition. The gentle touches allow the body systems to get back to their harmonious rhythms and our inner healing potential to flush away the energetically blockages which might create tension in the muscles or dysfunction in the different organs.

The aim of the treatment is not to interfere with this natural and organic healing process but facilitate it to happen.

The treatment brings the body into a very deep state of complete relaxation and surrender where this healing naturally takes place simply by the inherent wisdom of the human body.


Craniosacral therapy is good for releasing:

- muscle pain and tension

- stress and anxiety

- sleeping disorder

- headaches 

- exhaustion, chronic fatigue

- and by making sure the proper flow of body fluids strengthens the immune system and promotes general well-being


The treatment happens on a massage table. Come in comfortable clothes.

The session lasts 1 hour

Energy exchange: 45 euro



This Japanese technique is a holistic full body treatment with deep tissue massage along energetic lines (meridians) of the body.

It is based on the principles of Chinese and Japanese natural medicine and uses elements of massage, manual therapy and acupressure.

It helps to release pain and tension from the muscles, enhance circulation, metabolism and helps to adjust the proper flow of energy in the body.


It can be useful in case of:

- muscle pain

- back problems due to too much physical effort or sitting lifestyle

- headaches

- muscle weakness

- pain in the neck and shoulders

- stress related physical symptoms


The treatment happens on the floor, over clothes.

The session lasts between 70-90 min, depending on the actual state and needs of the body.

Energy exchange: 55 euro







Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

A session lasts about 40 mins

Energy Exchange 30€ 

Aromatherapy Oil
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