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Anita Cunha - Ayurvedic Chef (Core Team)

Anita is an eco chef, specializing in vegetarian, vegan, Ayurvedic and raw cuisine. Her experience includes having worked passionately in several restaurants, in Brazil and in Portugal where she currently leads the kitchen at Lisbon's Jardim dos Sentidos.

After much training and many experiences ranging from veganism, macrobiotics, raw foodism and Ayurvedic cooking, Anita has found the perfect balance for her own style-- a fusion of contemporary Ayurvedic, Asian and slow cooking.

Anita had the skills needed to cook specifically for Sharath Jois the current head of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore whilst he was teaching at his workshop in Portugal in 2019. He loved her food so much that Anita accompanied Sharathji on his USA Tour in 2019.

Her passion for food and her love for sharing what she knows, is ingrained in her soul. You can literally feel the love pouring out of her food.

Anita herself is also a student of Ashtanga yoga and understands the impact and need to have a good diet, one based on Ayurvedic principles which is a constant theme throughout our retreat. We are so blessed to have her cook for us and teach you how to cook on this amazing retreat!

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