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We are dedicated to your health and wellness.

All of our amazing retreats, workshops and therapies have been created out of love with the coming together of beings with different skill sets who have a common goal to share what we know, and to teach from our heart.

Our team of teachers and therapists comprise of dedicated individuals with a wealth of knowledge and full heart. We all enjoy the individual gifts we have and love sharing them with our students. We came together with an idea of creating retreats and wellness programs that would empower the individual to better improve on his or her life.


Our idea is simple: to create a space for sharing, deepening and learning. We feel you will walk away with a greater understanding of the practices we will teach you as well as a greater sense of your True Self.

Our core practices of yoga are either the Ashtanga Vinyasa System as taught in the traditional way, Mysore Style or classical Hatha Yoga through the Sivananda / Integral Yoga methods. All of our retreats are tailored towards both beginner and advance level practitioners so that you are able to move at the level you wish.

Even if you are completely new to yoga, it doesn't matter. Practice has the means to help you discover or rediscover the body and mind connection.


Beginners will move slowly and intermediate and advanced students can move at their own pace. We are designing this retreat for everyone!

Our Retreats are mainly set in the SW Alentejo Coast, a spectacular part of Portugal, close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This is practically an undiscovered part of Alentejo, where nature prevails and the stars are endless at night. We have designed programs to allow you to unfold in nature's grace, to take you away from your busy schedule and to give you the opportunity to unwind your mind.

Whether we are conducting an  Ayurvedic & Ashtanga retreat or a Hatha and Detox Retreat all of our food is well prepared, delicious and wholesome.  As well as all of this, our retreats often comprise of some cooking demonstrations and classes, workshops, pranayama, sound bath healing, reiki, massages  and more!

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