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This retreat will be located at Martinheiras, a beautiful space, high up on the hilltops of Alentejo. We are a 100% Solar Proprerty and we are completely off the grid. We pride ourselves on being sustainable and we make a conscious effort to work with the ever present nature that surrounds us 360 degrees. 

We are 20 minutes from the Santa Clara Lake and we are 40 minutes from the West Coast of Alentejo with the most stunning beaches. There is no light pollution where we are - and all you will see are endless stars at night. We may be totally remote and isolated, but here you will find there is no better place to immerse yourself in the magic that are these 11 hectares of beautiful land.













You may want to rest under the large Cork Oak Trees in our comfortable Hammocks

You may rest on our several meditation sports around the land on the handmade paths we made.

You may want to rest at the chill out spot or bask near the salt water pool on your free time during this exceptional retreat.

This is an amazing space to go deeper into your own being, and we fully welcome you with an open heart

It's easy to get to us by train or car. For the train go to: and book to Santa Clara Saboia where we can arrange to pick you up.

By car use these GPS co-ordinates making sure to enter the road where it says "Martinheiras"

 GPS Co-ordinates to the bottom of our hill.

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BBQ terrace
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